CX Foundations
Create a common foundation and develop the fundamental skills needed to initiate and orchestrate end-to-end CX projects.

For years, brands with high-quality CX expand income faster than direct competitors with lower-quality CX. This workshop empowers brand owners and their team to lead customer-centric business transformation initiatives that create higher-quality CX for a brand. You’ll drive growth, delight customers, and retain employees.

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Time Commitment

On-demand 6 – 10 Days 3 Hours

Attendance Background

Anyone in business, product management or Marketing


Check the The CX Toolkit below

Number Of Attendees

No Limit

Workshop Topics

Create a common foundation and develop the fundamental skills needed to initiate and orchestrate end-to-end CX projects.

It helps you demonstrate your CX competency through hands-on activities you can apply immediately. It consists of six modules, each of which takes between one and three hours to complete.

You’ll be able to:
• Craft a CX vision that is authentic and inspiring.
• Conduct CX research using multiple methods.
• Know what CX metrics are important to measure.

Why CX/Why Now?
Understand the business benefits

Crafting A CX Vision Create a brand-rooted CX vision that is authentic, inspiring, and mobilizing.

Building A Customer- Centric Culture Accelerate culture change with bright-spots analysis.

Conducting CX Research Craft your plan to achieve true customer understanding.

Maximizing Journey Mapping Increase journey mapping ROI with the journey mapping canvas.

Measuring CX
Use journey mapping to drive outside-in CX metrics.

Telling The ROI Story Inspire action with a sound ROI model wrapped in a compelling story.

What To Expect

The courses primarily use short-format videos and physical sessions, but you’ll also stay engaged through podcasts, webinars, and short case studies.

This combination of interactive media, peer/social discussion forums, and hands-on exercises create a dynamic learning experience that is fun and effective.
Dedicated course facilitators provide structured support for all team members to complete the foundational course.

You’ll learn through a unique micro-learning approach that breaks complex content into bite-sized sessions so you can absorb lessons quickly and put your knowledge into practice immediately.

Toolkit For CX Foundations

The CX Toolkit is a repository of practical exercises, tools, and templates that guide you through the course. Use these tools during the course — and throughout your career — to apply what you’ve learned to your own business context. Tools include:
• CX Vision Blueprint
• Recognition and Rewards
• Bright Spot Analysis Tool
• Culture Change Checklist
• Research Method Cards
• CX Research Canvas
• Research Methods By
• Journey Mapping Template
and Canvas
• Sample Workshop Agendas
• Persona Evaluation Checklist
• Measure a Customer Journey
• Survey Structures Checklist • Metrics Mapping Tool
• Analyze Your Audience
• Audience Analysis Tool
• ROI Calculator

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Instructor – Sultan Shalakhti

Architect of UX/CX, creator of digital products, and builder of brands.

ex-Yahoo / / Revamping some Arab influential online sites, like IKEA KSA, Jarir, Hanco KSA, Okath Newspaper, AlBaik, Matic UAE, ICT Qatar, Al Jazeera (key sites in MENA), handled and managed the creative for big projects; some examples are e-Morasalat KSA, Samsung, General Electric and Digital transformation in Saudi Ministry of Defense, Saudi Ministry of Health, Saudi Royal Diwan, Saudi HRDF and Ooredoo telecommunication company … to name a few.

A Mentor, A Coach, and A Speaker:

  • Startup weekend Dubai & Amman.
  • Lean Startup Machine
  • Official Bootcamp Mentor with International Design Foundation (IDF) 🌍, and RookieUp NY 🌎 supporting more than 150+ Visual designers, UX designers to grow / Start their careers from all around the world.
  • leading the Jordan 🇯🇴 chapter with Interaction Design Foundation (IxDA).
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