Introduction to UX design
Introduction to UX design is an awareness session.

Introduction to UX design is an awareness session where you’ll learn how UX design adds business value at all levels and across all teams, as it fosters collaborative thinking, drives engagement, and ensures greater business value.


Time Commitment

On-demand 1 Hours

Attendance Background

Anyone want to learn about UX

Number Of Attendees

No Limit

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Instructor – Sultan Shalakhti

Architect of UX/CX, creator of digital products, and builder of brands.

ex-Yahoo / / Revamping some Arab influential online sites, like IKEA KSA, Jarir, Hanco KSA, Okath Newspaper, AlBaik, Matic UAE, ICT Qatar, Al Jazeera (key sites in MENA), handled and managed the creative for big projects; some examples are e-Morasalat KSA, Samsung, General Electric and Digital transformation in Saudi Ministry of Defense, Saudi Ministry of Health, Saudi Royal Diwan, Saudi HRDF and Ooredoo telecommunication company … to name a few.

A Mentor, A Coach, and A Speaker:

  • Startup weekend Dubai & Amman.
  • Lean Startup Machine
  • Official Bootcamp Mentor with International Design Foundation (IDF) 🌍, and RookieUp NY 🌎 supporting more than 150+ Visual designers, UX designers to grow / Start their careers from all around the world.
  • leading the Jordan 🇯🇴 chapter with Interaction Design Foundation (IxDA).
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