What is design outside the school?
Understand the Designer Landscape

Thinking about a career in design? want to know about design outside the school? but not sure where to start? As a self-taught designer, I did my fair share of exploring before landing on product and UX design.

The good news is, no matter if you are studying design or what stage of your career you’re in or how far afield your background may seem, if it’s something you aspire to, it’s entirely possible to find your niche in the design world.

What to expect at this workshop? My thoughts on setting yourself on the path to calling yourself a designer.


Time Commitment

On-demand 3 Hours

Attendance Background

Design Students, Fresh Graduates and Juniors.

Tool Kit

Receive a design thinking toolkit with tips and activities for continued practice on your own or with your team.

Number Of Attendees

No Limit

Photos From Previous Events & Workshops

Instructor – Sultan Shalakhti

Revamping some Arab influential online sites, like Souq.com, Sukar.com, terhaal.com and ICT Qatar (key sites in MENA), handled and managed the creative for big projects; some examples are Newssnapr app, Think Arabia, Jeeran, Cakelicious Group, Yahoo, Al Jazeera, Nestle, General Electric & Samsung… to name a few.

  • Help 100+ startups from around the world as a mentor at Startup Weekend, Lean Startup machine, Oasis500 in building their business models and pivoting.
  • 2 companies exits for international companies.
  • Played a key role in a successful national and international products.
  • Host and organize 34 design thinking workshops in Jordan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
  • Mentoring remotely internationally with Rookieup and  IDF in Design Thinking, UX, UI and vesual design.


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